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Marc Jacobs

Brand: Marc Jacobs
Designed for Women. Fragrance introduced by Marc Jacobs in 2011. For casual use. When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and in turn the way a scent smells on you. For instance your mood stress level age body chemistr..
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Brand: Marc Jacobs
Oh, Lola! is exactly as advertised. They've toned down the floral notes in the heart and amped up the fruit notes in the opening; the base is a slightly paler version of Lola's woody-musky trail. It may be sweeter than Lola — I can't decide — but it's also lighter and fresher, and therefore easier t..
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Brand: Marc Jacobs
DESCRIPTION:The latest addition to the Daisy house, Daisy Marc Jacobs Limited Edition features Daisys classic silhouette and signature fragrance in its purest form, updated with all white packaging. The glass has a shiny white finish with gold metallic logo to complemen..
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